I try to find the fine line between aesthetics and functional.

Alissia Melka-Teichroew, founder and creative director of byAMT Inc is a New World-Old World mash-up. The daughter of a French mother and American father, she was born and raised in The Netherlands.She spent her undergraduate years at Design Academy Eindhoven (NL) and holds a Masters of Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design (USA). Alissia has been developing her own designs since graduating from Eindhoven, but along the way has worked at design consultancy IDEO and at Puma International.

Beyond her work, Alissia contributes to the international dialogue about design through curating exhibits and teaching. Her exhibitions include Bits ‘n Pieces” at Material Connexion in New York City, “Still Life” at Trespa Design Centre in New York City, ”Cite Goes Dutch” and “Cite Goes America” at Cite Showroom in New York City. She has also consulted as a curator at some galleries and showrooms.

As a design educator, Alissia has lectured or guest-critiqued at such institutions as RISD, Chicago Art Institute, Philadelphia University of the Arts, California College of Arts, and Cranbrook Academy of Arts. In 2010, Alissia was a visiting professor at Pratt Institute in New York.

About byAMT Brand

New York-based design studio byAMT creates jewelry, home goods, and furniture that tweak expectations and invite delight.

Quintessential byAMT products an acrylic version of the classic wedding ring; the Peasant Collection, contemporary furniture made of rustic wood; and Jointed Jewels, elegant ball-jointed necklaces, bracelets, and rings created on a 3-D printing machine, layer by layer. These objects share the same quirky sensibility: a twist on an iconic form or a surprising use of a material. A byAMT object demands a reaction, whether a chuckle or a serious debate.

Hailed as “thought-provoking” and described as design that “is as much about whimsy as practicality,” byAMT has been featured in many magazines, newspapers, and blogs, including the New York Times, Dwell, and Fast Company. byAMT has also exhibited at the Salone del Mobile Milano, ICFF in New York, 100% Design Tokyo, Material Connexion New York, and Victoria & Albert Museum, among others.

byAMT products are currently available at stores like MoMa Store, Le Bon Marché, and many more. Current available products are produced by: Van Esch, Palau, Functionals.eu, Y’A Pas Le Feu Au Lac, Blik Surface Graphics, Charles & Marie, as well as by the byAMT Inc. studio itself


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Tree Hooked Coat Rack

  • Title: Tree Hooked Coat Rack
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Tree Hooked, a wall-mounted, powder-coated steel hanger, marries beauty with practicality. Inspired by a flowering tree, it's both sculptural and a useful means of organizing clothing. Since it's modular, it can expand to fit any space.Tree Hookeds also the first product to come from the creative and matrimonial union of Dutch designers Alissia Melka-Teichroew and Jan Habraken. Alissia and Jan saw a professional collaboration as a way to celebrate their 2006 marriage and subsequent decision to move to Brooklyn, New York. From a metaphorical perspective, a treeinspired product is the perfect solution. After all, marriage is the bringing together of two family trees. Trees also symbolize stability, growth, and renewal.

The big improvement: modularity of the design. Each Tree Hooked unit is 23" and can be displayed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. It comes in matte black, white, green or silver (other colors will follow), encouraging users to experiment with different patterns. The compelling simplicity of the design and the endless possibilities for its use has garnered rave reviews and lots of attention for Tree Hooked. The New York Times has featured it in its Décor section.

Manufactured by: Van Esch (The Netherlands)
Design by: Jan Habraken & Alissia Melka-Teichroew
Measurements: 23″ × 10 1/2"
Colors: White, Black, Silver Grey and Apple Green