Ebay Senior Curator

Senior Global Curator


Daily eBay.com Collection Curation

Theme Concepts

Online Retail Concepts

New Retail Interface Testing


Online Retail

Tasked to support the eBay team with the introduction of eBay Collections to the public as a treasure trove of savvy, high-quality design.

Cherry-picking items from eBay’s numberless nooks and crannies.

45 Theme Concepts per week for the Home page and Apps.

New concepts for interfaces and shopable pages.

Concepts to create more and different engagements online and offline with the public and vendors.

Tasked to (among others) clarify their presentation and inspire users while helping them to draw efficient but serendipitous routes through the site. In the process of creating robust collections, the goal was to deepen the relevance of Collections content by tying it into important cultural trends while establishing Collections as an important gateway into sales elsewhere on the site.