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Concept for a Selina Hotel in Friedrichshain, Berlin

A sprint to create a hospitality concept for Selina Friedrichshain, Berlin, by embracing the current contrasts in this former East Berlin neighbourhood and its history.

Contrasting dystopia with utopia
Contrasting the new and old

Current co-live and working spaces often look the same: recycled look & feel, a collection of found objects mixed with design and vintage furniture - how can Selina be different.

Mixing a graphic element reminiscent of the graffiti on the Berlin Wall, with color blocking and a lighting plan.

Sound is just as important in this space as visual art. With music being a massive component of Friedrichshain, different areas within the Selina property will have different sounds. Different times of day will have different sounds: “wake up baby”,“time to get inspired!”,“Need a moment to recharge”. Working with local music labels, djs, artist, and clubs, we can create the Selina Friedrichshain sounds. As this is an area of diversity in ethnicity, income, beliefs, so is the sound.

Friedrichshain has many options for inexpensive lodging. It will be a necessity to create small, simple yet comfortable and inspiring lodging options. These could be pod-style and bunk bed style, creating different options for different types of travelers.

With Friedrichshain having a lot of water (river Spree & Rummelberger See) and a large green space including the infamous Volkspark Friedrichshain. As well as street art being such a big element, many clubs and bars having a large outdoor spaces, adding an element outdoor will be of essence. Residing and working at Selina Friedrichshain will have a feeling of an urban oasis