Überliss Online Content


Visual Strategy

Creative Direction

Social Media & Online Content



Beauty / Haircare


Alissia Melka-Teichroew

Visual strategy and content for Überliss' social channels and website.

Styled product shoots, pack shots, gifts for online advertisement for Refinery29, newsletters, new product launches and online campaigns.

About Überliss

A haircare brand specializing in creating products that deliver amazing shine, softness and silkiness all while showcasing exotic and natural ingredients with the help of cutting edge research.

Like all brands they are navigating their way in the world of social media. Mostly driven by the haircare professionals and salons. They are a relatively new consumer brand. The goal is an online presence similar to their presence on the shelf with the fun and popping packaging.

By creating visuals that are different, compelling and original they differentiate themselves from other existing haircare brands.