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As I Am is a natural personal care brand with Ethnic roots. Embracing the “natural self”.

As I Am, a young existing haircare brand from Chicago, needed a rebrand and redesign of their packaging. As they were going to expand to more lines and needed clarity in their brand architecture and shelf presence.

Mainly catering to a cool and young crowd but also wanting to appeal to a wider group. It was time to present themselves as an adult brand.

We were asked to keep the existing packaging but create new labeling, website, trade show booths, print collateral, photography concepts and more.

Keep an eye out for new As I Am products!

Each collection has its own patterns and colors. Giving each collection its own feel related to its usage or ingredients used.

Combining beauty and fashion heritage. We took inspiration from the natural heritage of wax printing. More specifically Vlisco, which was founded in Helmond in 1846 by Pieter Fentener van Vlissingen, Vlisco merges Dutch and African art and design to produce print on fabrics. Their fabrics became known as Wax Hollandais, referring to their country of origin and the wax used to give them their unique visual appeal. Using its warm and rich style and machine and handmade process of this unique production method so engrained in African culture and seen as a seal of quality.

As I Am is a natural personal care brand with Ethnic roots. Embracing the “natural self”.

Celebrating the uniqueness of every person. The way that you and your body were naturally created.