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Peter Sunna

Walter is a real estate agent of the future. Building the future of real estate. Their mission is to guide hardworking, ordinary people to the right home buying decisions.

Walter Living is a new type of agent that uses powerful technology to automate your homebuying homework, driven by a vast amount of data. To give meaning to the topics that matter most when you’re looking to buy or sell a home.

Walter is like a magician.

How do you tell a story about something new?
A service or brand that does not exist yet.

You create & design its DNA.
Its starting point.

Who is Walter+
What does Walter look like?

Walter is for everyone

accessible , welcoming, personal

Walter is like a magician
Walter thinks outside the box

surprising with humor

Walter is current yet timeless

familiar, banal, of now

Walter is good looking

clear, clean, flexible

Walter is frank

transparent, clear, wysiwyg

Walter is unbiased