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Selina Gold Dust in MiMo Miami, FL

Motel Gold Dust will transport you to a colorful 1960s and 70s funky motor hotel vibe, much like stepping into a surreal motion picture. Motel Gold Dust is a former 50s motor hotel in “The Motel Capital of Miami”, will transport you through its historic iterations, where warm colors and rounded shapes are contrasted by modern materials and colors. Much like stepping into a surreal motion picture Uncertain of what is reality and what is not. Think Lost highway meets Inglorious Bastards, Quentin Tarantino meets 2001: A Space Odyssey.

A historic Motel landmark with a funky popping 60/70s Motor Hotel vibe. Enter through its small Coffee & Vegan Donut Shop, past the reception while meandering past the Pool & Small Bar, it is the perfect place for late night pool Parties, Drive-In Movie theater, the most eccentric cocktails at the surreal Speakeasy and late night snacks at the mysterious Twin Peaks like Diner. A destination that lends itself perfectly to nomads seeking nostalgia, leisure, and a destination to create film and motion pictures.

Selina River Inn in East Little Havana Miami, FL

A hidden gem with an old world in a new world feel and of course a Latin twist.

Along the Miami River, quietly lies Selina’s River Inn. A hidden gem, in the middle of the vibrant city of Miami. A lush green oasis, with wooden Victorian-style houses from 1908, built as the city's first boarding house for laborers in town, initiated by Miami’s founding mother Julia DeForest Tuttle. The pastel colored old-Florida additions were completed in the 50s. It is Miami’s oldest continuously operated hotel.