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BYAMT was asked to present Church & Dwight's infamous Dry Shampoo brand BATISTE with rebrand proposals.

Over time Batiste has become a brand icon by carving out a ‘dry shampoo’ niche space. It has done this by offering no-rinse solutions for an instant hair refresh in between washes (cleanse and fragrance) anytime and anywhere.

However, it is time to evolve the Batiste visual identity and reignite appeal among existing and non-users. As well as clarify the brand and product messaging and the brand architecture. By improving the brand relevance and creating a more contemporary look and feel. By communicating the Batiste personality and attitude to improve on-shelf shoppability. And of course be instantly recognisable as Batiste on-shelf.


Batiste is a dry shampoo brand. Batiste is bold, a ritual, your wing woman in daily life.

Batiste is always with you so you are ready, ready for your next last minute adventure, ready for you to go out and do what you do best: live life to it’s fullest and not be bogged down by feeling like your hair not clean or beautiful.

BE YOU: Be your best self, don’t worry about the little things in life. Some of those will be taken care of by batiste. Batiste empowers you to be you at any time and any place. Batiste is here for you. for everyone.

DARE TO BE BOLD: Go out, play, and mostly laugh and have fun!

CELEBRATE HAIR & HERITAGE: Batiste celebrates all types of hair and has from the begining. Dry shampoo is what we do.

BE MAGIC FOR YOUR HAIR: Magic equals batiste… So let’s show the world.

BE A RITUAL: Batiste plays ‘between washes’ as part of an every day routine. It is a ritual, a partner. Batiste is your wing woman.

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