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Bookmarks / Cooper Hewitt

A folded corner. A spare receipt. An optimistic belief that we can totally remember the page number. We all have our ways of marking our place in a book before closing it for the time being— but far too often that method is unreliable or unattractive. There is, however, an easy solution: Bring back the bookmark.

Luckily, we are! Coinciding with the reopening of the Cooper Hewitt Museum and their new exhibit Tools: Extending Our Reach, BYAMT Inc designed a set of bookmarks that can indicate the page, sentence or word where you stopped reading. Etched in brass and made in the USA, the bookmarks were originally designed in 2003 and were re-designed in 2014 as an exclusive for the Shop Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum. Our bookmark was made exclusively for the Cooper Hewitt Museum and is only available in-store at this time. Selected from Cooper Hewitt and nine other Smithsonian collections, the 175 objects in Tools span diverse cultures, places, and time periods. The 1.85 million years of tool use and design represented in the exhibition provide an opportunity to consider tools as classic examples of design, and reveal the fundamental role they play in shaping our lives.

The bookmarks are now available on the Cooper-Hewitt Online Shop as well. Get yours here!

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