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Strap Planters

Inspired by traveling the great outdoors, the new leather strap planters will brighten up city apartments with year round green. The set of three planters beautifully house indoor foliage, and have been designed to fit standard terra-cotta pots. Like their fellow leather strap collection counterparts, the planters were hand finished with copper-plated hardware in Los Angeles in collaboration with Mimot Studio.

For the holiday season a few years ago, Cool Hunting planted its design roots with the designer Alissia Melka-Teichroew of byAMT, to create a Cool Hunting Edition of her leather Strap Planter. Inspired by the idea of “home for the holidays,” this unique piece will bring life to any space and is ideal for gift giving.

Festive in color with a bright green painted handle over its natural leather, the Cool Hunting Edition Strap Planter spruces up any space. “We make it a point to surround ourselves with items that are both purposeful and design intensive,” says Evan Orensten, co-founder and executive editor of Cool Hunting.  “We love byAMT’s leather planters and wanted to make a Cool Hunting Edition that spoke to our affinity for plants,” he continues. “The simple addition of green to the handles really brings the planter to life.”

Vegetable-tanned leather, copper-plated brass rivets, lead-free woven stainless steel wires with white nylon coating

Use and Care:
The leather will take up a unique patina over time and with use. Condition with a beeswax Leather Conditioner if desired.

Since terracotta and a lot of plant pots are made of porous materials, the water will seep through the ceramic pot and saucer, when watering the plant. The leather will become wet where it is in contact with the saucer or pot. Unless you have a glazed closed pot or glazed saucer (or add a plastic saucer as a liner).

small: 12.5” x 10.75” Ø  / 31 cm x 27 cm Ø (Fits a 10″ Pot)
medium: 14.5” X 13” Ø  / 36,5 cm x 33 cm Ø (Fits a 12″ Pot)
large: 16.5” X 15″ Ø  / 41,5 cm x 38 cm Ø (Fits a 14″ Pot)

Currently no longer available.


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