[February 24]

byAMT at Selfridges Temporary Shop

EveryDayDutch: Dutch design’s future is unveiled at Selfridges.

What: EveryDayDutch, the most eclectic exhibition of contemporary Dutch design output, is showcased in Selfridges during an exclusive month-long collaboration with Yksi Shop and the Dutch Embassy.
Curated by: Jane Withers for Selfridges.
When: 24 February – 27 March 2011.
Where: The Concept Store in The Wonder Room, ground floor – Selfridges, London .

EveryDayDutch, the most eclectic and original exhibition of contemporary everyday Dutch design output, opens in selfridges during an exclusive month-long collaboration with Design cooperation brainport (Eindhoven) and the Dutch Embassy.

EveryDayDutch – part design installation, part temporary shop – is a presentation of concepts and products for everyday life needs and concerns. The hybrid exhibition launches on 24 February shedding a fresh light on the future of Dutch design through the work of new designers supported by a host of products from more established brands. Altogether, EveryDayDutch will showcase hundreds of products, many supplied through Eindhvoven based design store YKSI Shop, from unique works to mass-produced collectibles, including limited editions.

Jane Withers about the installation: ‘one of the most rewarding aspects of curating EveryDayDutch was coming across so many inquisitive young designers with an instinctive sense for producing work that gently twist, pushes and challenges the way we do things

The Temporary Shop will feature many Dutch Design products including the candy coloured byAMT Inc. Diamond Acrylic Rings.

What: byAMT Acrylic Diamond Rings
When: 24 february – 27 march 2011
Where: The concept store in the Wonder Room, ground floor – Selfridges, London.

Selfridges & Co
400 Oxford Street
LondonW1A 1AB
United Kingdom

[July 5]

+ Robert Longo – Charcoal Drawings & more


We found these amazing charcoal drawings by Robert Longo (currently residing in Brooklyn, NY with his family) via Bauldoff a great blog by designer Joe Bauldoff. These drawings are truely amazing and would love to see them in real life sometime. A bunch of them are large format (see below some more drawings as well as an overview of some of his exhibits).

Here is information on 2 current exhibits of Longo’s work.

I have also added some older work by Rober Longo, like the “Black Flag: The Ballot or the Bullet” (1991) and the Wax “When Heaven and Hell Change Places” (1992).

19605.jpeg1961325719.jpegBlackFlag_TheBallotOrTheBullet_detail_91BlackFlag_90WhenHeavenandHellChangePlaces_92When Heaven and Hell Change Places (1992) – Wax

[July 5]

+ Desiree Dolron Photography


Xteriors VIII (2001-2008)


Xteriors II (2001-2008)


Xteriors VII (2001-2008)


Xteriors XIII (2001-2008)

A while back I created this post but never actually posted it online. Desiree Dolron is a fantastic photographer from The Netherlands, born in 1963 in Haarlem. She has traveled the world and has managed to capture things in a very spectacular manner. Above is her series called Xteriors. Below are some photos of the Te Di Todos Mis Suenos series, taken I believe in Cuba. Her photographs have something mystical and mysterious, colourful and colourless all in one. Would love to have a couple of her photographs on our walls. There is something picasso-esque about some the Xteriors series (the blue period of course).


Habana Libre (2002 – 2003)


Cerca Muralla (2002-2003)


Cerca Villegas (2002-2003)


Escuela Julio Mella G (2002-2003)


Cerca San Fernandia (2002-2003)

[July 1]

+ Marleen Sleeuwits

I found Marleen Sleeuwits’ work via a great blog by Jacob Heftmann who has great daily post (opposite to my blog lately). Marleen is based in The Hague, The Netherlands and has a pretty divers body of work, but mainly her work is about space and in her words “the non-relationship with space she finds herself in”

Marleen has also been commission by design companies for product photography, by graphic design companies for portrait photography as well as by magazines to photograph for their covers. The last 2 layouts shown in this post are for Akzo Nobel, I really enjoy the spaces she photographed for them.

Her photography of spaces is very intriguing and clean, the colours are phenominal. I will defitnitely have to check out her work more frequently.

Thanks Jacob!

[June 11]



A couple of weeks ago we learned a bit about the company HORT. They are located in Berlin, in the neighbourhood called Kreuzberg. HORT works on a HUGE array of different types of work. From styling to interaction design, to graphic design. They have workshops as well. The studio was started and is still being run by Eikes König. This is how they explain their company and ideas behind it:

HORT began its inhabitance back in 1994, under the previous stage name of EIKES GRAFISCHER HORT. Who the hell is Eike? Eike is the creator of HORT. HORT – a direct translation of the studio’s mission. A creative playground. A place where ‘work and play’ can be said in the same sentence. An unconventional working environment. Once a household name in the music industry. Now, a multi-disciplinary creative hub. Not just a studio space, but an institution devoted to making ideas come to life. A place to learn, a place to grow, and a place that is still growing. Not a client execution tool. HORT has been known to draw inspiration from things other than design.

Some of their work is amazing, am personally not a fan of all the work, but that is the way it goes, you cannot like everything and it makes you think about why and what you do find intriguing and what not.

The project above is for Peter Heppner’s CD. Below is the work HORT did for Playboy magazine. Both projects are phenomenal. I really enjoy that the Peter Heppner shoot is about body parts and movement as well as patterns on clothing. The Playboy Magazine shoot seems to be about shapes, material and colour.


[June 6]

+ Hendrik Kerstens


wet towel


bathing cap

A couple of years ago I received a magazine with Hendrik Kerstens work in it. He is being represented by the Witzenhausen Gallery in Amsterdam and New York. Many of you I am sure already know his work. But it is definitely worth mentioning again. As well as the fact that his show is opening in New York at the Witzenhausen Gallery on Thursday June 11th until July 11th 2009, for more info click here. From the Witzenhausen Gallery site:

when hendrik kerstens decided to dedicate himself entirely to photography in 1995, he turned to a model very near at hand: his daughter paula. he wanted to document all the important moments in her life, to ‘be there’, to capture something of the fleeting moments that fade from memory all too quickly.

This series of photos is pretty amazing, it is so simple in a way, but that is the key. The simplicity of how he is able to create a certain feeling in the photo without seemingly any effort. His model and daughter, Paula, seems to be the perfect model for what Hendrik is getting at in his work. The more recent portraits seem to have a common thread in their referral to the painted portraits of the Dutch Masters. See you on the 11th June!

[June 6]

+ Yang Maoyuan



We saw Yang Maoyuan’s work for the first time last year in Berlin at the Alexander Ochs Galleries, which is located both in Berlin and Bejing. They represent Yang Maoyuan’s work. Yang was born in Dalian, Liaoning Province in China in 1966 and has a very large and divers body of work that ranges from paintings to large sculptures. Above are Marble and Bronze busts that Yang worked on between 2006 – 2007. 

These caught my eye directly when we saw them last year in Berlin. The way the faces are partially erased, the eyes look like they’re closed, but all this manipulated by the artist. The Bronze busts have such impact where the faces are shiny bronze versus the black matte of the rest of the bust. The removed parts have made place for helmet looking shapes. The shiny bronze areas become somewhat detached from the face itself. However with the marble busts this doesn’t happen, Yang has manipulated the face and manipulates how we see and what we see of the expression on the person’s face. 

Below is the sculpture named:“The Mongolian Horse” from 2008. The sculpture is made out of inflated horse skin. It’s an amazing piece. If you ever have the chance to see Yang’s sculptures or Drawings, I would highly recommend it. I am not a fan of his paintings.

artwork_images_93_436611_-yangmaoyuan20090322184829马 No.2 2001 雕塑(马皮染色 充气气囊) 280X180X200cm  Horse No.2 2001 Sculpture, Horse skin dyed and inflated 280X180X200cmYangMaoyuan_03yangmaoyuan_ESSAYS1-02335014

[June 1]

+ Thomas Brown photography



Thomas Brown is a photographer, currently living and working in London. He is represented by Webber Represents His work ranges from fashion (mostly shoes) to furniture design, but it all has an aspect of graphic design, linear, 2D vs 3D, colour and his environment photos have a lot of texture. What I like about his work is that most photos are more than just nice to look at. You can find a story in each one. There’s also always humour buried in the photograph, which I always appreciate very much. A tad of humour is a must in life and work!

The photos shown above: “Cream if you want to go faster”  are for Intersection Magazine  for Issue 28 Winter 2008/2009

The photo series below: “Model Cars” were photographed in 2007


Line Up


Prada     –    Tom Ford


Issey Miyake




Shoe Bike

[May 31]

+ Morgane Tschiember


A month and a half ago I was pointed out the work of Morgane Tschiember she’s French, not sure from where, but from what I gather from her Bio of expo’s she went to school in Quimper, France. Quimper is known for it’s typical painted ceramics. Morgane’s work is not related to this, but always find this an interesting town. 

The pieces by Morgane above are called Iron Maiden and were shown at Galerie Loevenbruck, Paris in 2007. These huge coloured sheets are sheets of metal, perfectly coloured that are seemingly peeling off the wall. It seems such a simple piece or collection of pieces, but yet I have never seen anything quite like this before. They’re like perfectly peeling walls, revealing the next colour of the wall beneath. However when you think of the sheets of peeling sheets of metal it puts the whole piece in a new dimension, makes you want to touch and feel if you really cannot bend it and tug it like a piece of paper. Being a big fan of colour it makes me a very very happy person. 

Below I have also collected some photos of Morgane’s Pop Up Collection from 2008 also presented in Galerie Loevenbruck.


[May 28]

+ Thorsten Brinkmann


The work of Thorsten Brinkmann was featured in the latest issue of Damn Magazine I believe. Thorsten was born in Stuttgart Germany. He is represented by Kunstagenten based in Berlin. I wasn’t familiar with his work until this week, and especially enjoy these “old master” style portraits with metal and fabric and containers wrapped around the portrayed people’s heads. The top photo is my favourite one and called: “Drune Quoll” from 2007. The other detail I am intrigued by the fact that the models never have arms, even if the arms would have to be on the photo they have been tucked away in the next piece of clothing.

This is a quote from Damn Magazine about Thorsten’s work:

“In the mercantile port of Hamburg, Thorsten Brinkmann tangles with a modern-day caveman’s dreams. Unable to resist the allure of dumped urban detritus, this German artist recomposes and intervenes in the trash to scrap cycle to come up with installations, videos or photos such as portraits and still lifes. Why wouldn’t you wrap your head in sheet metal?”